Expertise in Game Design, Narrative Design, Illustration, Music, AI, and ML Ops for Interactive Media

I’m Frederic SERAPHINE, I am a Game Designer, a Researcher, and a Creative Innovator. For your needs in Game Design, AI Ops, ML Ops and Narrative Design I can provide my Design Skills as a Freelance for your projects.

I’ve worked several years on a AAA title, I wrote essays on game design, narration and Semiotics, and I have a practice of diverse AI techniques for videogames.

Moreover, I can analyze the needs of your production in terms of organization and process optimization to insure controllable and predictable conditions.  

Art, Narration, UX

Since 2014, I published numerous essays on how to improve the state of the art of narration for video games. I worked as a game designer on AAA titles in close collaboration with producers, art directors, programmers, writers and fellow game designers regarding world building and narrative experience.
With years of experience in illustration, music composition and computer graphics, I can fit in any creative team with immediate efficiency and ease of communication.


Ph.D. Candidate at Tokyo University, I am writing a thesis on « Design for Communication with artificial agents. I can advise you in your decision making process regarding AI and ML Ops for your game or Robotics project. I also have experience doing user research. My approach of iterative design and Research Through Design will give you a definitive creative and technical edge in your projects.

Expertise & Collaboration

For your needs in design, music composition or concept art, or if your are a professional or a researcher willing to collaborate or contribute to my research; please feel free to contact me !

Get to know me and some of my research through these videos!