I’m starting some illustrations where I use « sajilir »
One of the conscripts I am creating for « the birthlands. »
A world building project I started a while ago.
The Saji are a matriarcal society who believe they descend from the goddess Sana.
Sana is both the word for mother and the word for goddess in Sajilir.
The difference is made grammatically by the use of holy register when talking of the goddess. The prefix Yir here in front of Sana is part of this holy register.
In the birthlands the sun has an ovoid shape in the sky.
The reason is that the star is deformed by the influence of its dead twin a Neutron Star invisible to the naked eye.

The sun called «Avana » or « the egg » in Sajilir is believed to be the lost child of Sana, the creator goddess. It is believed that at the end of the world Avana will be born and the world will be her birth sacrifice.

Talers Avanoth, the nesting trees, or in singular « Tal Avanu » are sacred ovivorous trees, tricking small animals to nest in its pierced trunk to devour their eggs. Altars to Sana and Avana are generally placed near those rare trees.

People offer water for the birds and incense to guide the stillborn souls at those sanctified stones. Expecting mothers pray here for safe delivery.

i hope to post from time to time about this project in the future!